Hello world! Some of you suck!

Hi. Thanks for reading my blog. Despite the title of this blog and indeed this post, I’d like to assure you that I am not innately rude.  I can be direct though and some things do annoy me. So yes, I will rant and rave a little in this blog. Shit, that’s why I set it up. We all need to let off a little steam sometimes and that’s what I am going to do here.

About Me

I will add more to the About Me page of this blog (when I make one) but here are a few things that might help you see where I am coming from. I am Irish. I don’t like to be bullshitted. While I can appreciate art etc. I would much rather stick a $10 poster of Monet’s Woman With a Parasol on the wall beside my toilet (or any wall in my house) than the multi-million dollar original. I work on the web in various capacities including blogging and a bit of e-commerce which leads to …

About this blog

I see a log of crap being sold on the web and being promoted as cool, fun or must-have. Well I’ve had enough because some of this shit is neither cool nor fun. And with all the people in the world who can’t afford to eat well because they spent their money on iPhones (not an endorsement), they are definitely not must-haves. I can forgive you for classifying the latest installment of Final Fantasy (not an endorsement), sweet rims for your 2nd Gen Subaru Impreza, Heinz Tomato ketchup, a 42inch LED TV or various other things as must-haves but some things are just a waste of space.

I’m not just going to talk about totally useless crap though. What would be the point in that? Some of the crap that you will see here might have some limited value and I’ll admit it. I’m not just some internet troll that sees only the downside of things. Hey, I have bought some of this crap too. While I may not have bought the finger sporks, Facebook shower curtain or inflatable shark head (all real products), I did buy a usb humping dog for myself and my friend. After about 2 minutes of watching that little fucker humping my wife’s laptop I realized that $10 was too much that for particular piece of amusement.

Bad language

Oh yeah. If you are offended my words like shit, piss and fuck you probably won’t enjoy my blog as they and their derivatives will probably pop up all over the place. They are just a few examples of what to expect but I can get a bit colorful and throw in a cunt or motherfucker if I am particularly excited. Well, probably not cunt. I don’t really say cunt very often. But the point is I will use terms and people find offensive. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

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