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Game of Thrones Throne

So you are a fan of Game of Thrones and you would just love to get your hands ass on your iron throne. First up, get a life!

Anyway, the guys over at ThinkGeek have found a way to make your dream come true. Kind of. The iron throne that they have for sale is neither made of iron nor swords. It’s basically a high quality plastic replica.

This thing will set you back $29,999.99 plus shipping. You are paying almost thirty grand for this ugly chair that will most likely not tie your room together and they still charge for shipping. I don’t think they shipping will be bargain but if you are fool enough to spend $30,000 on a plastic chair I don’t think you will be sweating the shipping charges.

Here are some specs:

  • Life size prop replica of the Iron Throne
  • A must-have for any ruler of the Seven Kingdoms
  • Takes 6-8 weeks to build
  • Go on, pay the gold price. We won’t tell if you don’t.
  • Materials: Hand-finished, hand-painted fiberglass. Fire rated resin.
  • Dimensions: 7’2″ tall, 5’5″ wide, 5’11” deep
  • Weight: 350 pounds

Despite the tone I have taken in this post and despite the back that I will think you are a total dumbass if you do buy this chair, I honestly hope you do. But be sure to click this link because it is an affiliate link and even if the commission is just 1% it will pay for a few beers.

So go on punk. Make my day!

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